Since the Unheard Beethoven site opened earlier in 1999, we have been greeted with artistic contributions as well as many kind emails. Among these are paintings and MIDI files. Rather than keep these contributions to ourselves, we are making this space available for any artistic contributions of any kind related to Ludwig van Beethoven. Music, painting, sculpture, verse, etc. will all be considered, so long as they clearly relate to Beethoven or his works.

Our first notable contribution is the completion in MIDI form of the Scherzo to the Tenth Symphony from Beethoven’s sketches, Biamonti 838. Gerd Prengel is the author of the completion and the MIDI file, as well as the descriptive text.

Gerd Prengel has also given us two movements for string quartet based upon Beethoven’s themes for the first movement and the finale to the incomplete String Quintet WoO 62, which was the last major composition Beethoven worked on before his death. They’re quite interesting and make good use of Beethoven’s vigorous themes.

Below are two oil paintings contributed by Leon Krejci. Click on the image for a much larger version of the painting.

The portrait is 16″ x 20″ (oil on canvas panel) and was painted in 1972-3 after a photo of Beethoven’s life mask.

Larger Image (136k)

Larger Image (374)

Beethoven at his Broadwood piano is 32″ x 42″ (oil on canvas) and was painted in 1995.

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