A New Symphony Based on Beethoven’s Sketches for the Tenth Symphony

Longtime followers of The Unheard Beethoven may have run across Romanian composer Adrian Gagiu’s Symphony no. 4, based on Beethoven’s sketches for the Tenth Symphony, Biamonti 838. Gagiu’s realization of the sketches in the form of his symphony have been on our site for many years.

Gagiu in 2021 has thoroughly revamped and revised that symphony to greatly increase the fidelity to Beethoven’s sketches, in the process converting it from five movements to four; Gagiu says that the revisions have made the symphony “shorter, more faithful to the sketches, and much better now.” We are pleased to host this new version on The Unheard Beethoven. It has just been uploaded for your consideration.

Check it out and see what you think, and let us know how you think it compares to other realizations such as Barry Cooper’s or the recent creation by artificial intelligence.

The new version of the symphony can be found here: