BEETHOVEN 200 YEARS AGO TODAY: Friday, April 2, 1824

Nephew Karl is at Beethoven’s apartment. Finding the last page of Conversation Book 60 to be full, Karl flips back and finds a number of mostly-empty pages (the same sort of pages Schindler will later use for his library of fraudulent entries). There he tells his uncle that the cook from Countess Stockhammer’s has spoken about Schindler. He often goes to the Countess’s house, and also participates in the Countess’s theater in the country.

A letter has just come from B. Schott’s Sons in Mainz. [Brandenburg Letter 1797, sent March 24.] Schott signed himself as “Your obedient svt.,” and in German that abbreviation for servant, Diener, was written “Dr.” So Karl has a joke and calls the sender “Dr. Scott.” In that letter, Schott says he wants to pay for the Missa Solemnis and the Ninth Symphony in installments over two years, which they find quite hilarious.

Karl mentions that a concert was announced that a violinist from the Josephstadt Theater will be giving in Währing, and that Herr Schindler is to be the conductor. [No such concert has been identified. English language editor Theodore Albrecht suggests that it may be a repeat of Léon de Saint-Lubin’s Vienna concert of March 28th, since he was a first violinist at the Josephstadt Theater, where Schindler is concertmaster.]

Conversation Book 60, 16r-16v. That concludes Conversation Book 60. There appears to be a book missing that covers the next five days of time. Conversation Book 61 picks up around April 8, so our columns will be shorter during that time frame.