BEETHOVEN 200 YEARS AGO TODAY: Friday, January 31, 1823

Beethoven’s shopping list this morning includes shaving soap for himself and tooth powder for Karl. He writes a reminder to have Schindler deal with Joseph Lind, the tailor whose attorney is pressing for payment of Beethoven’s long due debt to him. He also makes a note about arranging apartments for the summer and this coming October.

Schindler comes by and asks whether Johann went to the concert last night; he had given Johann two tickets. It was in the small hall of the Musikverein; although they played the Quintet op.16, he could not hear it. When Beethoven says Johann thought it was well received, Schindler is surprised.

They discuss a collected edition of Beethoven’s works. Schindler says Johann wants to handle it himself, and will complain if it is left to a publisher. He suggests a fee of 20,000 florins is none too much; some publisher will give that much or more.

Beethoven’s illness has moved into his chest. Schindler says he had suffered a chest ailment in his first year of studying philosophy, “but now my chest is as sound as a trumpeter’s.”

They discuss the Spanish political situation. The Spanish issued a declaration against the alliance, where they resolve, “firmly, unshakably, and in the most contemptuous expressions” to fight the powers even if it destroys the country. War appears a certainty.

Attorney Bach sends his greetings through Schindler, and says that the bank shares have fallen from 900 to 866 gulden, which means that he will need to cash in a second bank share to cover his debts. Bach himself is unhappy since he too had invested in the bank. Although Bach can be trusted, Schindler suggests that the second bank share need not be cashed in just yet.

In the afternoon, Ferdinand von Piringer stops by. He had run into Johann who said Beethoven was ill and wanted to visit. He starts to talk about the Spanish situation, then [possibly reading the previous pages regarding financial issues] realizes Beethoven is busy, and bids farewell.

Schindler resumes discussion of cashing in the bank share. But Beethoven must make a decision soon so that the situation can be resolved.

Conversation Book 10v-15r.

Today, the Royal Swedish Academy of Music in Stockholm writes Beethoven in French to join the Academy as an associate member. Brandenburg Letter 1543. The original was once in the Franz Trau collection in Vienna, but its whereabouts are currently unknown.

According to a draft by the Secretary of State for Württemburg dated February 8, 1823, he sends a letter to ambassador Gremp in Vienna today, thanking Beethoven for his offer of the subscription, but declining to accept.