BEETHOVEN 200 YEARS AGO TODAY: Friday, November 28, 1823

Nephew Karl comes back to his uncle’s apartment and tries to sort through the issues between the new housekeeper Maria Pamer [who had previously worked as a maid for Beethoven] and the current maid, who are at each other’s throats. Uncle Ludwig seems oblivious. The housekeeper told the maid that she is being paid 25 florins per month, and now the maid is furious. She doesn’t seem to understand that the maid’s salary has to come out of that 25 florins too, and Karl has no luck getting through to her.

[Indirectly derived from Karl’s comments tomorrow in Conversation Book 47, 4v-5r.]

Today the last one of the lunchtime concerts by the Schuppanzigh Quartet in the current series is held in the Great Room of the Musikverein. The program opens with a quartet by Herr Henning, concertmeister in Berlin. The Vienna Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung Nr.98 (December 6, 1823) at 777 notes that the composition was played in the presence of the author and performed with especial affection the last movement received the greatest of applause. A Mozart quartet in G major followed, and the final work in the series was Beethoven’s third Razoumovsky Quartet, op.59/3 in C major (1806).

The Vienna AMZ noted in its overview of this second series at 777 that the Quartet performed with “the greatest precision, from the most appropriate forte to the quietest piano, all produced with admirable ease. Every time they received the most deserved applause…May Herr Schuppanzigh continue this series of pleasure for quartet lovers! The educated friends of music consider them to enjoy the finest taste, and see with pleasure a variety of music revived which is to be considered the triumph of the latter decades.”