BEETHOVEN 200 YEARS AGO TODAY: Monday, December 23, 1822

Today, a version of Opferlied, op.121b for solo tenor, chorus and orchestra, on a poem by Matthisson, is premiered by the tenor Wilhelm Ehlers at a “Great Musical-Declamatory Akademie” concert for his own benefit in Pressburg. Beethoven had known Ehlers since 1814. To our knowledge, this original version of the work for solo tenor has never been recorded. Ehlers’ concert also included a performance of the Gratulationsmenuett, WoO 3. The song Bundeslied, op.122 may also have been intended for this concert but not used, for whatever reason.

Several new compositions by Beethoven’s former pupil, Carl Czerny, are advertised by S.A. Steiner & Co. in today’s Wiener Zeitung: “Les √Čtrennes,” a set of 24 waltzes for piano, op.32; and “La Ricordanza”, a set of variations for piano on a favorite theme by Rode, op.33.

La Ricordanza is here played by Hans Kann in a 1966 recording: