BEETHOVEN 200 YEARS AGO TODAY: Monday, February 9, 1824

Beethoven runs errands this morning. He has a package coming from Joseph Schickh, editor of the Wiener Zeitschrift, and an unidentified person asks when he will be home to accept it. Beethoven may have stopped by the offices of the Zeitschrift, so the package could be complimentary copies of the magazine.

A new maid starts working for Beethoven today. She lasts a little over two weeks before she wants to leave.

After his classes, Nephew Karl comes to the apartment. This evening he ran into Maria Pamer, the former maid for Uncle Ludwig. [Unlike many of his servants, she had been eager to work for Beethoven again.] “She looked destitute and tried to avoid me when she saw me, and I naturally did the same.” [Had they not just hired a new maid, perhaps he would have been more open to talking to Pamer?]

The evening meal was ham, rather than smoked pork [Kaiserfleisch.] Karl placed the ad for a housekeeper with the Wiener Zeitung again, though this time for only one publication [probably to avoid the many days of applicants that resulted from the December/January publication of the advertisement three times.] Uncle Ludwig asks how soon it will be printed. Karl tells him that there is always a delay of several days before an advertisement comes out in the Zeitung. His hope is that it will be typeset today or tomorrow, so it can appear on Monday [February 16.]

Conversation Book 55, 8v-9v. Leaves 9 and 10 were accidentally bound into the book in reverse order.