BEETHOVEN 200 YEARS AGO TODAY: Monday July 29, 1822

Rossini and his troupe may be gone from Vienna, but Rossini fever continues. Weigl has a large advertisement in today’s Wiener Zeitung for vocal/piano scores to Elisabeth, Eduardo e Cristina, Torvaldo e Dorliska, La gazza ladra, The Italian Girl in Algiers, The Turk in Italy, Barber of Seville, Cenerentola, Othello, Tancred and Moses. Weigl also offers four-hand piano versions of the operas Cenerentola, Barber of Seville, and Italian Girl in Algiers.

Meanwhile, Artaria offers its own scores with piano of Zelmira, Corradino [Matilde] and Elisabetta. Artaria’s charge for the centerpiece of the Festival, Zelmira, is more than double the price of any of the other operas, indicating its continued popularity.

T. Mollo offers a few different versions of Addio ai Viennesi, Rossini’s Farewell to Vienna, under the names La Partenza and Der Abschied, for vocal solo with piano, guitar, piano solo, and four-hands piano. Variations on the theme, written by Hieronymus Payer, will appear shortly.

You may remember French flautist Louis Drouet had made a splash in Vienna earlier this spring with a series of three concerts (which included performances of some Beethoven orchestral works). Cappi & Diabelli offers several compositions for flute by Drouet, his √Čtudes pour la Flute, and Sul margine d’un rio (theme with variations) for flute with accompaniment by piano or guitar, op.123, as played by the composer in his Vienna concerts.