BEETHOVEN 200 YEARS AGO TODAY: Monday, July 7, 1823

Beethoven makes some notes as he prepares to return to Hetzendorf. Apparently Attorney Bach was unable to meet with him tomorrow; otherwise he would stay in Vienna. Beethoven thinks perhaps he should leave the servant behind at Blöchlinger’s. [This might relate to the requirement for Karl to have his parents bring a dish to the Name Day celebration for Henriette Blöchlinger on Saturday, July 13.]

Karl’s vests need to be taken to another tailor, and his short coat should be taken along. The housekeeper should make sure that the dress coat for him costs less than 50 florins.

He also makes a note of buying a pound of beef for 16 1/4 kr. W.W.

Publisher S.A. Steiner & Co. today repeats its advertisement in the Wiener Zeitung for Carl Czerny’s arrangement of Beethoven’s Violin Romance op.50 (Czerny’s op.44), as well as Czerny’s Variations on an Original Bohemian Theme for pianoforte, op.46.