BEETHOVEN 200 YEARS AGO TODAY: Monday, October 20, 1823

According to a notation by Nephew Karl on his uncle’s calendar, the new housekeeper starts work today. Berlin Staatbibliothek, aut.35,87c at 21.

Music publisher Sauer & Leidesdorf takes a different tack in its advertisement in today’s Wiener Zeitung at 979 regarding its publication of the Complete Operas of Rossini in piano reduction form. As regular readers may recall, the Artaria firm asserted that Rossini had granted them exclusive rights over certain operas, including Corradino. As the fifth volume in their series, Sauer & Leidesdorf announces the new release of the opera Matilde di Chabrin at the subscription price of 6 florins. This is a fairly transparent subterfuge, since Matilde di Chabrin is just the Italian name of the opera also known in German (with some alterations and cuts) as Corradino. We expect Artaria will have something to say about this in succeeding numbers of this newspaper. Sauer & Leidesdorf also offer the four preceding volumes in the series: Armida, Moses, Turco in Italia, and Barbiere di Seviglia.