BEETHOVEN 200 YEARS AGO TODAY: Saturday, April 19, 1823 (approximately)

Ludwig writes a short undated note to brother Johann approximately this morning. It seems Ludwig received an interesting letter from a publisher [unnamed] yesterday, and Johann might be able to make a profitable deal with the works that Ludwig gave him to sell as repayment for a loan. [Among these were the rights to Consecration of the House, op.124, outside of England.]

In a postscript, Ludwig mentions that he has sent housekeeper Barbara Holzmann to Hetzendorf to find an apartment for the summer for him. [While at this point she knows his needs as well as anyone including himself, it is interesting that he trusts her in this important task even though he has otherwise repeatedly complained about her forgetfulness and incompetence.]

Brandenburg Letter 1631, Anderson Letter 1164. The letter’s whereabouts today are unknown, but it was transcribed by Ludwig Nohl as his Nr. 238. At that time, it was in the collection of the painter Friedrich Amerling in Vienna.