BEETHOVEN 200 YEARS AGO TODAY: Saturday, January 3, 1824

Beethoven makes notes for today’s shopping. He plans to go up the street from the Franziskanerplatz to buy pens, wine, and wine vinegar. He also needs to get capons and chickens at the marketplace. He will have to see about getting another kitchen cabinet made near the Augustiners [as editor Theodore Albrecht notes, probably meaning the Augustiners in the Landstrasse, rather than the one inside the City proper.]

Conversation Book 51, 16v. That concludes this rather short conversation book.

The advertisement placed by Karl for a housekeeper appears for the third and last time in the Intelligenzblatt section of today’s Wiener Zeitung at 14.

Cappi & Diabelli repeats its advertisement for the last three piano sonata of Beethoven, op.109, 110 and 111, as having been reviewed and corrected by the composer, in today’s Wiener Zeitung at 9.

Beethoven’s pupil and patron Archduke Rudolph, in his capacity as Archbishop of Olmütz, today orders the construction of a new tower at the parish of Our Lady in Kremsier (now Kroměříž in Czechia), and solicits bids from contractors. The work is to be begun in the spring on the site of the demolished old tower. The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, rebuilt beginning in 1724, was completed in 1736. The original church dated to the 13th century, and the old Gothic tower had been incorporated into the new building. That tower had been damaged by a storm in 1788, and the tower and clock had to be taken down. A low shingle roof and bare masonry had to suffice for 35 years until Rudolph took action.

The budget for the work is to be around 6,900 florins. In the order, the contractors are instructed to assemble to bid on the work at the Kremsier chancellery on February 16th, 1824, at 9 a.m. They must demonstrate they are qualified to do the work and provide a bond. The plans and notes may be viewed at the chancellery during normal office hours. Intelligenzblatt für Mähren Nr.13 of January 13, 1824 at 59. The solicitation is reprinted in the January 14 and 15 editions of the Intelligenzblatt.

Aerial view of the church, used with the kind permission of the Church of Our Lady in Kroměříž. Next to the church is the Baroque deanery, which as of 1824 was being used as a military warehouse. It was reconsecrated in 1838, when it served to house aged priests from the entire diocese.