BEETHOVEN 200 YEARS AGO TODAY: Saturday, July 13, 1822

Berlin publisher Adolph Martin Schlesinger writes to Beethoven today to announce that the 25 Scottish Songs, op.108 are appearing. He then makes the same mistake as his son Moritz, and asks whether or not the sonata op.111 really consists of only two movements, or whether there has been some error. “At present, I just wanted to ask whether the second Sonata you sent me, which has the second movement with the title “Arietta. adagio molto semplice e molto cantabile” does not have a third movement, or whether it just will end like this. Also, let me know who you want for your dedications.”

Brandenburg Letter 1481; Albrecht Letters to Beethoven 296. The original is held by the Vienna Stadt- und Landesbibliothek (I.N. 161 674). If Beethoven replied, the response is lost. The next known correspondence between him and the Schlesingers comes on August 31, after the proofs of op.111 have been received from Moritz.