BEETHOVEN 200 YEARS AGO TODAY: Saturday, July 15, 1820 (approximately)

Conversation Book 15, leaves 14r through 16r

Karlskirche in Wieden

Having spent the night at his apartment in the City, Beethoven returns to Mödling the next day. Bernard had suggested that if he were to take a coach from the Wieden, it costs half as much as Beethoven has been paying for the coach ride from the City itself. Wieden is a suburb on the south side of Vienna, dominated by the massive baroque church Karlskirche. The always-money-conscious Beethoven may well have accepted Bernard’s recommendation.

Speaking of money, once back in Mödling Beethoven makes a reminder to have Oliva ask Schlemmer (who is working at the Court music archive) when the payment from the Archduke on Beethoven’s pension is to be received, and how much it will be. He also notes that cream is for sale near the mill. Beethoven observes there are too many letters at the post office, and he considers getting a mail receptacle of his own.