BEETHOVEN 200 YEARS AGO TODAY: Sunday, January 6, 1822

Beethoven’s old friend from Bonn, violinist and cellist Bernard Romberg, is in Vienna and gives a series of concerts beginning today, January 6th, and again on each Sunday in January, in the Great Hall of the University. These concerts prominently feature as soloists Romberg’s daughter Bernhardine, and his 11-year old son Carl, who is a prodigy cello virtuoso. Romberg had served as Prussian kapellmeister from 1815 through 1819. Tickets for these concerts were available at various music shops, including Steiner, and Diabelli.

Unfortunately, Beethoven does not appear to have been able to connect with Romberg during his stay, as will be seen in a letter of February 12, as Romberg was nearing the end of his time in Vienna.