BEETHOVEN 200 YEARS AGO TODAY: Sunday, July 14, 1822

Archduke Franz Carl (1802-1878), 1827 engraving

According to the Brünner Zeitung of July 20, Archduke Franz Carl (1802-1878), the nephew of Archduke Rudolph and third son of Emperor Francis II, came to visit Olmütz and stays at the archbishop’s residence in Rudolph’s absence from July 12 through the 15th. The 19-year old Franz Carl inspected the military barracks and shooting range, as well as the more touristy activities of visiting the cathedral, the Lyceum and the ornamental gardens. On the evening of Sunday the 14th, Uncle Rudolph’s 3rd artillery regiment music band performs a show for Franz Carl outside his window. He leaves tomorrow morning and continues on his way through various towns to his ultimate destination in Landskron in Bohemia (today Lanškroun in the Czech Republic).