BEETHOVEN 200 YEARS AGO TODAY: Sunday, July 20, 1823

Nephew Karl visits Uncle Ludwig in Hetzendorf. He has worn the same vest for several Sundays so it doesn’t get washed right away since that causes the colors to fade. There were no carriages to be had. He will have to go back to Vienna by foot; everyone demands 5 florins for the trip but the servant he came out with found one for 3 florins.

The male servant doesn’t want to carry water, except in pitchers. He doesn’t feel that any servant [presumably as opposed to a housekeeper or maid] should carry water.

The name day party for Henriette Blöchlinger last Saturday night was quite a success. Karl stayed up until sunrise, which explains why he did not visit his uncle last weekend.

The servant who Karl rode with says that the housekeeper, Barbara Holzmann, wants to stay in the kitchen. Karl needs to wash up before dinner, as she has instructed.

Karl probably also makes an attempt today at a subscription invitation for the Missa Solemnis addressed to the King of Saxony. However, Karl says he doesn’t have time to finish it, so Schindler will have to write it.

This concludes Conversation Book 35, 49v-50v. There is a gap of about two or three days before the next surviving conversation book begins. Beethoven most likely had no visitors during that period of time. He is probably beginning to think about when he will move to Baden bei Wien in the coming weeks, if his eyes will tolerate it. Work continues on the second movement of the Ninth Symphony.