BEETHOVEN 200 YEARS AGO TODAY: Sunday, September 30, 1821

Joseph Köferle comes to visit Beethoven and nephew Karl in Baden bei Wien today, as arranged. While it will not be necessary to sell the bank share after all, just the coupon for dividends, Beethoven has another financial task for Köferle.

It’s time for the payment on Beethoven’s annuity for the late Prince Kinsky’s estate. Beethoven writes out a receipt for 600 gulden for the period April 1 through September 30, 1821, as part of the annual stipend of 1,200 florins. Beethoven acknowledges receipt of the funds in cash from the chief cashier of Prince Rudolph Kinsky, in Prague. [Although Prince Ferdinand Kinsky had died in 1812, his estate and son Rudolph continued to honor the annuity.] The receipt is signed by a local pastor named Kreitsch, who attests that Beethoven is still alive. The receipt today is in the Hungarian State Archives, Rszeckió, Szimonidész-Nachlass, 13 fol.

Since Köferle has been enlisted to handle various financial affairs for Beethoven, it seems very likely that he asks the trusted Köferle to collect the funds, hand over the receipt, and deliver the money back to Beethoven.

Our next update will be October 5. Since Beethoven’s health is generally better, most likely this time is spent working on the Piano Sonata #31, op.110, as well as continuing to make changes to the Missa Solemnis.