BEETHOVEN 200 YEARS AGO TODAY: Thursday, July 20, 1820 (approximately)

Now that Adolf Schlesinger has committed to payment for the 25 Scottish Songs, op.108, Beethoven prepares the score for copyists to make the printer’s copy (Stichvorlage) to be used for engraving this set of songs. These songs were scattered amongst seven different manuscripts and some of them had previously been printed by George Thomson in Scotland, which meant a new copy needed to be made. As part of this process, Beethoven used Thomson’s edition as a starting point. Wenzel Schlemmer, his favorite copyist, is busy working at the Archduke’s music archives, so Beethoven will retain other copyists to do the work.

Here is Monica Bacelli with the Trio Metamorphosi performing the song Sunset from the op.108 25 Scottish Songs: