BEETHOVEN 200 YEARS AGO TODAY: Thursday, July 4, 1822

Today’s Wiener Zeitung features on page 604 an ad from Artaria & Co. for a portrait of famed Rossini vocalist Giovanni David, as Prince Ilo in the opera Zelmira. Artaria makes the point that this is not a lithograph, but finely engraved [by Leopold Beyer]. This is part of Artaria’s collection of portraits of famous musicians, and besides Beethoven one could also acquire portraits of Rossini, Cherubini, Mozart, Haydn, Paganini etc. etc. etc. Collect them all!

Giovanni David as Prince Ilo in Rossini’s Zelmira, as presented in the K√§rntertor Theater, Vienna, engraving by Leopold Beyer, 1822.