BEETHOVEN 200 YEARS AGO TODAY: Thursday, June 8, 1820

Conversation Book 14, leaves 8r through 8v

Because of the unexpected delay in going to Vienna, Beethoven has run out of wine. He speaks to a merchant who says he will bring Beethoven the requested wine today. He asks that Beethoven take four or five bottles at a time, to make it worth his while to make the trip, and that in the future he be given at least a day’s advance notice. The urgency for the wine to be delivered today suggests strongly that Beethoven is completely out of wine. The merchant also notes that when his wife has time, she could act as Beethoven’s housekeeper. Beethoven is noncommittal, so the wine merchant says he will ask later whether Beethoven has found anyone.

Beethoven continues his Vienna shopping list, adding tapers, oil, boot polish, a bed quilt or two, and a straw mattress for a servant.