BEETHOVEN 200 YEARS AGO TODAY: Thursday, November 16, 1820

The November 26 Wiener Zeitung carries more news from Troppau today. Archduke Rudolph on this day met with the local dignitaries and magistrates and also Prince Lichtenstein. Later, the emperor paid a visit to the Czar of Russia and the King of Prussia, which were returned the same day.

View of Castle Grätz of Lichnowsky,
1844 watercolor by Rudolf von Alt (1812-1905)

Beethoven had himself been in Troppau several times, the first being in September of 1806, accompanying Prince Lichnowsky. During that trip, he was so pestered to perform by Lichnowsky’s guests, French officers, that he grew angry, refusing to do menial labor for them. When they threatened to arrest him (possibly in jest), he took it seriously and fled on the next post carriage to Vienna. When he got home, he smashed his bust of Lichnowsky.

Attached is a watercolor of Lichnowsky’s castle at Grätz (now Hradec), near Troppau/Opava, from 1844 by Rudolf von Alt. The palace is now much changed due to additions during the 19th century.