BEETHOVEN 200 YEARS AGO TODAY: Thursday, October 9, 1823

The publishing house of Cappi & Diabelli announces today the publication of Schubert’s two songs op.16, set for male quartet with accompaniment of piano or guitar. These are Frühlingsgesang (text by von Schober, today D.740) and Naturgenuß (text by Matthison, D.422)

Schubert’s Frühlingsgesang, D.740 is here performed by the Chorus Viennensis:

Also available for sale are songs for male quartet, op.17. These are comprised of Jünglinswonne (Matthison, D.983/1); Liebe (Schiller, D.983/2); Zum Rundetanz (Salis-Seewis, D.983/3) and Die Nacht (believed to be by Krummacher, D.983/4).

Today’s Wiener Zeitung also includes an advertisement for the subscription to Ignaz Schuppanzigh’s series of six concerts to be held in the small room at the Musik-Verein. The price is 10 fl. W.W. The first concert will be held on October 15, and the remaining concerts will follow on each of the next five Wednesdays will include quartets by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, George Onslow (1784-1853, now quite forgotten but in his time sometimes called “the French Beethoven”), and Louis Spohr. “One can expect that the production of such masterpieces in one of the — now unfortunately! — most neglected genres of compositions will bring together a large circle of art lovers, and that the undertaking of the esteemed patriotic music artist will be worthwhile.” [As it happens, the first concert is delayed until the 22nd, and the second does not happen until Friday, October 31.]