BEETHOVEN 200 YEARS AGO TODAY: Tuesday, April 16, 1822

Over in Olmütz, Beethoven’s pupil and patron Archduke Rudolph begins the celebrations for his name-day tomorrow. A name-day is the feast of the saint whose name one shares as a baptismal name. The state governor, Count von Mittrowsky, as well as the commanding general of the Cavalry, Freiherr v. Kienmayer, Landrechts president Count von Bubna, and bishop von Stuffler, as well as numerous nobility from Brno, Troppau, and the surrounding territory all arrive for the celebrations. An evening entertainment is arranged at the community theater by Count Wengorsky-Montelabate. This consisted of allegorical plays where the goddesses of virtue, joy, justice, wisdom and love, together with the spirits of Austria and Moravia celebrated “the sublime dignity and the illustrious person” of the Archduke. Suddenly the imperial crown appeared, with brilliant fire, causing the crowd to cry “Vivat!” three times.

The foregoing description of the festivities is from the Brünner Zeitung of April 25th, as related by the Wiener Zeitung of April 30th.