BEETHOVEN 200 YEARS AGO TODAY: Tuesday, August 1, 1820

Conversation Book 15, leaves 26v through 27v

In Mödling, reading the July 31st Intelligenzblatt advertisements at a coffeehouse, Beethoven copies an ad for the book by F.W. Döring, Instructions for Translating German into Latin (Leipzig, 1820), presumably for Karl’s use. He puts down a reminder that he should make an appointment with surgeon Joseph Biehl (1769-1824), who also doubled as a dentist. Beethoven also mentions going into the City to speak with a housekeeper, so he appears to be looking for household help once again.

Later that afternoon, Karl’s piano tutor Joseph Czerny stops by for a visit. He mentions that he saw Karl yesterday. Czerny also has tried out Stein’s modifications to Beethoven’s Broadwood piano to help make it more audible, and describes it as “very practical.” He also mentions that Bernard and Baumann will be coming to visit on Thursday, August 3 [there is no conversation book record of such a visit, however.] Czerny notes that Friedrich Starke is quite anxious for the composition that Beethoven promised him. [The piece Beethoven began writing for him in April metamorphosed into the first movement of the piano sonata #30, op.109.]

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