BEETHOVEN 200 YEARS AGO TODAY: Wednesday, April 17, 1822

Celebrations of Archduke Rudolph’s name day continue today in Olmütz. A celebratory Te Deum and a high mass are prepared, and a large crowd of dignitaries as well as the faculty of the Lyceum and student body, as the “deepest blessings are offered for the exalted shepherd of souls” and the illustrious forefathers who have ascended to the Almighty. After the service, the Archduke receives the congratulations of the religious, civil and military authorities. At noon a large luncheon is held for 130 people, and in the evening an even larger dinner is held with the Archduke among the company. The festivities will continue tomorrow.

In Moravia and Hungary, Saint Rudolf’s feast day is celebrated on April 17th. Description of the festivities derived from the Wiener Zeitung of April 30, and Brünner Zeitung of Thursday, April 25, 1822.