BEETHOVEN 200 YEARS AGO TODAY: Wednesday, July 19, 1820 (approximately)

Conversation Book 15, leaves 23v through 25r

Beethoven’s thoughts again turn to building or buying a house out in the country. Recall that on about July 7 he had lamented that Mödling was not rural enough for him. The area around Möllersdorf (about 4 miles south of Mödling) is more pleasant, he thinks, and it would be a perfect place for his home. There is plenty of water, and the village there is built more in a country style that Beethoven prefers, so he feels like he is actually out in the country. The houses almost all have the apartments on the ground floor. The village of Guntram (about three miles southeast of Mödling, two miles north of Möllersdorf) is also situated beautifully. Editor Ted Albrecht notes that these little villages are easily within range of Beethoven’s daily walks, and he would have probably been quite familiar with both of them. He had noted a house for sale in Guntram on June 22.