BEETHOVEN 200 YEARS AGO TODAY: Wednesday, November 26, 1823

A very cranky and probably hung over Beethoven sets into nephew Karl this morning over his treatment last night in front of the servants. Karl will have none of it. “I believe at this moment, I have demonstrated not only that I do not take any improper measures against you, but also that I love you more than I would have loved my father if he were still alive.” It was Uncle Ludwig who made a disturbing remark to the maid, not him. Karl felt he had no choice but to leave, since if he had stayed, Uncle Ludwig would have just gone on about how he was dissatisfied with Karl’s stubbornness. This devolves into a wide-ranging harangue about Karl having left his keys behind, the pocket handkerchiefs being out of place, and his underpants not fitting.

Karl isn’t sure how the keys ended up left at his uncle’s apartment. It was probably his haste and worry about taking all the written materials he needed. He doesn’t know how the pocket handkerchiefs had gotten there [wherever ‘there’ was], since he only placed a blue one in his chest pocket. “Thus you have also reproached me today that I should be taking care that your underpants fit you. As you know, I have too little time to do things that you yourself can do the best, since you know what is wrong with them.”

Conversation Book 46. 39v-40v. Karl apparently has had enough and leaves, and does not return until Friday evening. However, there are no entries in the book for that date. On Saturday, November 29th, we start Conversation Book 47.

The Intelligenzblatt section of today’s Leipzig Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung at 44 includes advertisements from Breitkopf & Härtel for several newly published Beethoven works. The first is an arrangement of favorite Beethoven symphonies for piano, and the other is an arrangement of the String Quartet op.59/1 for piano four hands. Beethoven himself took no part in these arrangements, and in all likelihood he was not paid for them either.