BEETHOVEN 200 YEARS AGO TODAY: Wednesday, October 1, 1823

The report from the conclave in Rome continues in today’s Wiener Zeitung, and turns out to be pretty disappointing. After all the pomp, ceremony and music reported in the first installment, French King Louis XVIII’s two letters turn out to be one of sadness for the loss of Pope Pius VII, and one giving his wishes that “the Holy Spirit enlighten them with his light, and guide them to choose the father that orphaned Christianity now needs. The process requires time and contemplation, and he trusts that they will produce a pope with wisdom as wide as the scent of religion, who governs distant lands and touches the most stubborn, a pope who protects, who heals, who unites.”

Cardinal Galeffi answered this letter with a speech on behalf of the Holy Collegium, honoring the zeal and devotion to the Catholic religion displayed by Louis XVIII. The glorious deeds and undertakings of His Majesty in support of religion, not only at home but also abroad undeniably impart to the whole world his true attachment to salvation. After courtesies, the Ambassador’s procession passed, with an immense crowd standing by to observe a ceremony that had not been seen for 65 years, when the French Ambassador Monsignor Rochechouart appeared at the Vatican in 1758.