Complete Beethoven Editions Galore!

As we approach Beethoven’s 250th birthday, three (so far) massive boxes of his complete works will soon be hitting the shelves!

The biggest and most expensive of the three is the New Complete Edition released by Deutsche Grammophon (118 CDs, 2 DVDs and 3 Blu-ray audio discs, plus ten books), which is available here. Released in association with the BTHVN2020 festival, it features not only the cooperation of the Beethovenhaus in Bonn, but your friends at The Unheard Beethoven. We were honored to provide quite a few scores for unheard, unrecorded, and unpublished Beethoven works for inclusion in this box set, and there are three discs of rarities that feature many items previously Unheard. This set indeed provides a deep dive into Beethoven’s works, with not just one but often many recordings of particular works so you get a clearer picture of the Master’s versatility and the way he speaks timelessly to so many people. This box is scheduled to be released on November 1, 2019, so you will have over a year before the 250th birthday to work your way through it. More information can be found here. This surely will be a set to be treasured like the 1997 Deutsche Grammophon Complete Beethoven Edition (which I might remind people listed for more than 3 times the price of this set over 20 years ago, while not being anywhere near as thorough).beethoven2020box


Not to be outdone, the Naxos label, which prides itself on providing first class recordings at budget prices, will also be releasing on November 1, 2019 its own Beethoven Complete Edition. Running 90 CDs, this set also includes a number of Unheard Beethoven pieces that we supplied scores for, plus a multitude of others never before heard anywhere but on this website. So you can acquire both sets to maximize your Unheard Beethoven completism! This set, being much lower-priced, will only have the texts of the vocal works available online, rather than in hard copy. More details regarding this also impressive set are available on Naxos website. And don’t miss their mini-site at with track details and more goodies!

Finally, Warner Classics is releasing Beethoven: The Complete Works As of this date, details regarding this release, which is due for release November 29, 2019 (although Amazon is currently listing December 13 as a release date), are somewhat scant. Some information is available at Warner’s website. Numbering only 80 CDs, it nevertheless boasts many big names, claims 300 new recordings including rarities, and will make an attractive option for many.

As of yet there is no word from Sony as to whether it will be joining the Big Beethoven Box sweepstakes, but they still have a year before the big birthday to dazzle us with an announcement.

And of course, the redoubtable folks at Brilliant Classics still offer the latest version of their Beethoven Complete Edition, which remains a very solid box that included a great many rarities for the very first time.

It’s a wonderful time to be a collector of obscure Beethoven pieces, as well as the more famous ones. I’m not sure that any of these sets will be so complete as to render this website redundant, but if that were to happen I certainly wouldn’t object. We are proud to have been able to assist in getting some of these Unheard Beethoven works recorded and available to the public. Please support the efforts of these companies to make the COMPLETE music of the Master heard at last. As we get closer and find out more details, and get these boxes in our hands, we’ll be posting more details for you all.

John Fowler, a prolific Amazon reviewer of classical music has graciously permitted us to incorporate his breakdown of the rarities included on the DG and Naxos boxes in the following analysis. Note that this is preliminary information from websites and press materials, and is subject to change when the final products ship. [updated 4 Dec 2019]


op.58 Piano quintet version of Piano Concerto #4 [DG 118]
op.75/5 First version of An den fernen Geliebten [DG 88]
op.107: Variationen über 10 Volksweisen No.1,3,4,6,7,9 for Violin and Piano [DG 100]
WoO 18 Arrangement by Schade of March in F as Yorck’scher Marsch [DG 25]
WoO 62b: Andante maestoso in C major “Letzter musikalischer Gedanke” reconstructed for String Quintet [DG disc 100]
WoO 64 Harp version of 6 Variations on a Swiss Song [DG 51]
WoO Anh.10: Eight Variations on “Ich hab’ ein kleines Hüttchen nur” for Piano [DG 101]
Hess 76 Cadenza for Piano Concerto #1 [DG 20]
Hess 236: Two-Voice Fugues for Piano [DG 101]
Hess 237: Three-Voice Fugues for Piano [DG 101]
Hess 238: Six Fugues for String Quartet [DG 101]
Hess 239: No.2,3: Chorale Fugues for Piano [DG 101]
Hess 243: Double Fugues for String Quartet [DG 101]
Hess 244: Triple Fugues for String Quartet [DG 101]
Hess 331b: Minuet in B-Flat Major for String Quartet – fragment [DG 100]
Hess 332: Pastorella for String Quartet – fragment [DG 100]
Hess 333: Menuetto – Scherzo for String Quartet – fragment [DG 100]
Hess 334: Allegro in A Major for String Quartet [DG 100]
Hess Anh.57: Dona nobis pacem – Fugue for Four Voices arr. Piano [DG 99]
Uncatalogued pieces:
Kafka folio 47v, staves 11-16: Allegretto in A minor/major for Piano [DG 99]. This is a longer version of piece 47v staves 13-16 found on Naxos 34
Kafka folio 47v, staves 5-8: Piano piece in C major [DG 99]
Kullak folio 51/52: Piano piece in F Minor [DG 99]


op. 41 Serenade for flute in D, arrangement of Serenade op.25 [Naxos 64]
op.48, No.3: song “Vom Tode” (first version, 1798-99) [Naxos 88]
op.64 Cello sonata arrangement of string trio op.3 [Naxos 36]
op.113: The Ruins of Athens, version with narration (1811) [Naxos 72]
op.121b Opferlied, 1822 version for 3 voices, choir and orchestra [Naxos 76]
op.122 Bundeslied for chorus and piano [Naxos 77]
op.131 Early version of 1st movement of String quartet #14 in C sharp minor [Naxos 54]
WoO 2a Piano version of Triumphal March from Tarpeja (spurious) [Naxos 33]
WoO 10 6 Minuets, reconstructed for orchestra [Naxos 8]
WoO 15 6 Ländler for 2 violins and bass [Naxos 59]
WoO 17 11 Mödlinger Dances (spurious) [Naxos 7]
WoO 18 Original (1810) and revised (1822) versions of March #1 F [Naxos 59]
WoO 19 Original (1810) version of March #2 F [Naxos 59]
WoO 23 Ecossaise in G for Piano [Naxos 17]
WoO 27 3 Duets [Naxos 60, but for flute and bassoon instead of clarinet and bassoon]
WoO 63 Revised version of 9 Variations on a March by Dressler [Naxos 29]
WoO 99/3 E pur fra le tempeste Hess 232 [Naxos 90]
WoO 99/11a Revised version of duet Fra tutte le pene, no separate Hess # [Naxos 90]
WoO 99/11b Revised version of terzet Fra tutte le pene, Hess 209 [Naxos 90]
WoO 99/12a Solo voice version of Salvo tu voui lo sposo, no separate Hess # [Naxos 90]
WoO 105 First version of Hochzeitslied, with 2 solo voices, Hess 125 [Naxos 87]
WoO 113 First version of Klage [Naxos 88]
WoO 126: Opferlied, sketch for voice and piano (1796) [Naxos disc 88]
WoO 133 First (1806) version of In questa tomba oscura [Naxos 88]
WoO 135 First version of Die laute Klage [Naxos 88]
WoO 140 Draft version and first version of An die Geliebte [both Naxos 87]
WoO 158, No.19 (Gardi 25) folksong setting “Una paloma blanca” (first version) [Naxos 84]
WoO 160 Two canons [Naxos 63]
WoO 171 Glück fehl’ dir vor allem (by Michael Haydn MH 582) [Naxos 90]
WoO 178: “Signor Abate!” for choir and piano (c. 1820) [Naxos 90]
WoO 201: “Ich bin bereit! Amen” for choir (after 1818) [Naxos 90]
WoO 222 Canon in A flat Hess 275/328 [Naxos 34]
Hess 25 Finale. Allegro early version of String trio op.3 VI [Naxos 46]
Hess 60: Sketch in A major for Piano (1818) [Naxos 32]
Hess 87 March in B flat WoO 29 arr for piano (original and revised versions) [Naxos 34]
Hess 89 Ritterballett for piano [Naxos 33]
Hess 90 Creatures of Prometheus for piano [Naxos 33]
Hess 91 Opferlied, 2nd setting for voice, choir and piano [Naxos 88]
Hess 93 Freudvoll und leidvoll, elaborated version with prelude [Naxos 88]
Hess 93 Freudvoll und leidvoll, elaborated version without prelude [Naxos 88]
Hess 94 Freudvoll und leidvoll, for voice and piano [Naxos 88]
Hess 99 March in F arranged for piano [Naxos 33]
Hess 100 10 German Dances for piano arrangement of WoO 8 [Naxos 15]
Hess 101 12 Minuets for piano, arrangement of WoO 7 [Naxos 17]
Hess 102 Piano version of 7 dances from Contredanses WoO 14 [Naxos 16]
Hess 118 Invisible chorus for Consecration of the House, Folge dem mächtigen Ruf der Ehre! [Naxos 72] Music is the same as a piece in Ruins of Athens, but different lyrics.
Hess 137 Liebe (Ich wiege dich in meinem Arm/Ich Schwinge dich in meinem Dom) [Naxos 88]
Hess 140 2 alternate versions of Dimmi, ben mio, che m’ami, op.82/1 [Naxos 88]
Hess 141 Alternate version of Busslied, op.48/6 [Naxos 88]
Hess 142 1st version of Wonne der Wehmut, op.83/1 [Naxos 88]
Hess 144 1st version of Feuerfarb, op.52/2 [Naxos 88]
Hess 145 Sketch of 1st setting of Opferlied, WoO 126 [Naxos 88]
Hess 146 1st version of Der Freie Mann [Naxos 88]
Hess 151 Traute Henriette [Naxos 88]
Hess 178 Duet version of Sunshine (‘Tis Sunshine at Last) WoO 153/44 [Naxos 84]
Hess 191 The Vale of Clwyd, 1st version of WoO 155/19 [Naxos 84]
Hess 194 I dream’d I lay, 1st version of WoO 153/30 [Naxos 79]
Hess 195 When far from the home, alternate version of WoO 153/40 [Naxos 84]
Hess 196 I’ll praise the saints, 1st version of WoO 153/41 [Naxos 84]
Hess 197 ‘Tis but in vain, 1st version of WoO 153/15 [Naxos 84]
Hess 198 Oh! Would I were 1st version of WoO 153/48 [Naxos 84]
Hess 200 The Maid of Isla 1st version op.108/4 [Naxos 84]
Hess 200 The Maid of Isla 2nd version op.108/4 [Naxos 84]
Hess 201 Bonnie Laddie, Highland Laddie, 1st version of op.108/7 with original violin part [Naxos 84]
Hess 201 Bonnie Laddie, Highland Laddie, 2nd version of op.108/7 with revised violin part [Naxos 84]
Hess 202 Oh! Thou art the lad of my heart, Willie 1st version of op.108/11 [Naxos 84]
Hess 203 Faithfu’ Johnie, 1st version of op.108/20 [Naxos 84]
Hess 204 O let the night my blushes hide discarded version of WoO 155/7 [Naxos 84]
Hess 205 The Dream, 1st version of WoO 155/14 [Naxos 84]
Hess 206 To the Blackbird, 1st version of WoO 155/20 [Naxos 84]
Hess 263 Te solo adoro, sketch for WoO 186 [Naxos 90]
Hess 264 Te solo adoro, sketch for WoO 186 [Naxos 90]
Hess 274 Canon in G actually by Johann Mattheson, from Der vollkommene Kapellmeister III/15 [Naxos 34]
Hess 297 Adagio in F for 3 horns [Naxos 60]
Hess 324 Melody in C minor for piano [Naxos 34]
Hess 324 Melody in C minor for piano reconstructed by A.W. Holsbergen [Naxos 34]
Hess 325 Piano piece in D [Naxos 34]
Hess 324: Melody in C minor for Piano (1802) [Naxos 34]
Hess 330: March in C minor for Piano (1804) [Naxos 32]
Hess 330 March in C minor for piano reconstructed by A.W. Holsbergen [Naxos 32]
Hess 331a: Minuett in B flat major for Piano (1799) [Naxos 17]
Biamonti 48 Anglaise for piano in G minor (original and revised versions) [Naxos 34]
Biamonti 191: Intermezzo for Sonata in C minor, possible sketches for Piano Sonata No.5 or No.8 (1798-99) [Naxos 32]
Biamonti 268: Fragment in A major producing effect of Horns, for piano (1793) [Naxos 32]
Biamonti 272: Andante in B flat major for Piano (1793) [Naxos 32]
Biamonti 273: Sketch in F major for Piano (1793) [Naxos 32]
Biamonti 276: Sketches in C major and G major for Piano (c.1800), Bia. 276 [Naxos 32]
Biamonti 318: Sketch for Piano Sonata in A minor (1802) [Naxos 32]
Biamonti 345 Fuga Tema in C [Naxos 34]
Biamonti 346 Fuga Antique in C [Naxos 34]
Biamonti 622: Pastorella in C major for Piano (1815) [Naxos 34]
Biamonti 637: Piano Trio in F minor (1816) [Naxos 42]
Uncatalogued pieces:
Fischhof folio 53v 11-14: Allegretto in G for Piano [Naxos 34]
Kafka folio 39r 1-4: Minuet in D for Piano: [Naxos 16]
Kafka folio 119v 2-5: Alla marcia in C for Piano [Naxos 34]
Gardi 10: Minuet in D minor for Piano [Naxos 17]


Op.9, No.1 String Trio, Scherzo with Alternative Trio [DG disc 100 or Naxos disc 45]
op.121b Opferlied, 1824 version for solo voice, choir and orchestra [DG 93, Naxos 76]
op.122 Bundeslied for chorus and orchestra [DG 93, Naxos 75]WoO 59b: Bagatelle in A minor “Für Elise” for Piano (second version, 1822) [DG disc 99 or Naxos disc 14]
WoO 62a: Andante maestoso in C “Letzter musikalischer Gedanke” for Piano [DG 99 or Naxos 32]
WoO 99 Partsongs: 21 of the 25 songs are in common [DG 85, Naxos 90], plus Naxos also has the other four [see above]
WoO 169: “Ich küsse Sie” for voice and choir (1816) [Naxos 90 and DG 85]
WoO 170: “Ars longa, vita brevis” for choir (1815/16) [Naxos 90 and DG 85]
WoO 200: “O Hoffnung” four bar theme as teaching exercise for Archduke Rudolph for Piano [DG 99 or Naxos 34]
WoO 209: Minuet in A Flat Major with Trio in A Minor for piano [DG 99 or Naxos 32]
WoO 210: Allegretto in B minor for String Quartet [DG 100 or Naxos 54]
WoO 211: Andante in C Major for piano [DG 99 or Naxos 34]
WoO 212: Anglaise in D Major for Piano [DG 99 or Naxos 17]
WoO 213: Four Bagatelles for Piano [DG 99 or Naxos 17]
WoO 216a: Bagatelle in C Major for Piano [DG 99 or Naxos 14]
WoO 216b: Bagatelle in Eb Major for Piano [DG 99 or Naxos 14]
WoO 217: Minuet in F Major for Piano [DG 99 or Naxos 17]
WoO 218: Minuet in C Major for Piano [DG 99 or Naxos 15]
WoO 219: Waltz in C Minor for Piano [DG 99 or Naxos 17]
WoO 221: “Herr Graf, ich komme zu fragen” for choir and piano (c. 1796-1797) [Naxos 90 and DG 85]
WoO Anh.4: Flute Sonata in B-Flat Major [DG 101 or Naxos 64]
WoO Anh.5, No.1: Sonatina in G Major for Piano [DG 101 or Naxos 34]
WoO Anh.5, No.2: Sonatina in F Major for Piano [DG 101 or Naxos 34]
WoO Unv 8: Duo for Violin and Cello in E-Flat Major – fragment [DG 100 or Naxos 60] (Gardi 2)
WoO Unv 12, Biamonti 213: Piano Sonata “quasi una Fantasia” in D major for Piano [DG 99, Naxos 34]
Hess 36: String Quartet arrangement of the fugue from the Overture to Handel’s Solomon [DG 100 or Naxos 54]
Hess 46 (Unv 11): Violin Sonata in A Major – fragment [DG 100 or Naxos 64]
Hess 57: Bagatelle in C Major for Piano [DG 99 or Naxos 14]
Hess 58: Piano exercise in B flat major /minor for Piano [DG 99 or Naxos 32]
Hess 59: Piano Piece in C major for Piano [DG 99 or Naxos 32]
Hess 67: Two German Dances in F major /minor for Piano [DG 99 or Naxos 16]
Hess 70: Adagio ma non molto in G Major – fragment for Piano [DG 99 or Naxos 34]
Hess 71: Molto Adagio in G Major – fragment for Piano [DG 99 or Naxos 34]
Hess 72: Theme and Variation in A Major for Piano [DG 99 or Naxos 32]
Hess 96: Symphony No. 7 – arr. for piano [DG 99 or Naxos 32]
Hess 97: Wellingtons Sieg oder die Schlacht bei Vittoria – arr. for piano [DG 99 or Naxos 34]
Hess 245 Fugue in D minor for string quartet fragment appears on both [DG 101 and Naxos 63]
Biamonti 425 Symphony #2 in D op.36, version for piano trio [DG 118, Naxos 41]
Uncatalogued pieces:
Kafka folio 41: Piano Piece in A major [DG disc 99 or Naxos 34]
Kafka folio 160r staves 1-6: Piano Piece in A major [DG 99 or Naxos 34]

HIDDEN (unindexed) ITEMS
op.72a Leonore Overture #2 [DG 102] is used as the overture to the 1805 Leonore by Blomstedt [Naxos 69]
WoO 2b Introduction to Act II of 1805 version of Leonore [Naxos 7] is included in the Gardiner Leonore [CD 28]

BOTH SETS MISSING (major catalogued items only)

op.11 Piano trio in B flat, version for violin in place of clarinet
op.42 Nocturne for viola (doubtful)
op.63 Piano Trio (doubtful)
op.68 Alternate ending to Pastoral Symphony, II (Scene by the brook)
op.105 Violin version of 6 variations on folksongs
op.107 Nos. 2, 5, 8 and 10 of violin version of 10 variations on folksongs
WoO 205 Musical Greetings
WoO 223 Canon, Thut auf (Biamonti 752)
WoO 224 Canon, Cacatum non est pictum
WoO 225 Canon, Grossen Dank für solche Gnade (Hess 303)
WoO 226 Canon, Fettlümerl und Bankert haben triumphirt (Hess 260)
WoO 228 Musical greetings: “Ah, Tobias” and “Tobias” (Hess 285)
Unv 5 Concertante in D (full score fragment of the beginning)
Unv 20 Lamentations of Jeremiah
Hess 1, Original ending to 8th Symphony, first movement
Hess 12, Oboe concerto (lost other than 2nd movement, reconstructions)
Hess 15, Piano Concerto in D (1815), 1st movement reconstruction
Hess 47, Piano trio arrangement of string trio op.3 (1st movement and fragment of 2nd movement)
Hess 82, Cadenza ‘senza misura’ for Rondo of Piano Concerto #4
Hess 83, Very brief cadenza for Rondo of Piano Concerto #4
Hess 92, Bundeslied for solo voice and piano
Hess 95, Freudvoll und Leidvoll in F (draft)
Hess 108, Siegessymphonie from Wellington’s Victory op.91, arranged for Panharmonicon (but no Panharmonicons are extant, so this would be difficult)
Hess 110, Leonore 1806 version; Gardiner on DG incorporates some elements from it [DG 28-29]
Hess 111 Early version of Nur hurtig fort from Leonore
Hess 112 1806 version of Rocco’s gold aria, cut from the 1806 Leonore
Hess 113 Marzelline’s Aria with abbreviated conclusion
Hess 114 Recitative for Don Fernando, Dresden version of Fidelio [this may be silently included in the Gardiner version on DG 29]
Hess 121 Aria of Marzelline O wär ich schon mit dir vereint in C
Hess 122 Another version of Aria Hess 121
Hess 147 first version (fragmentary) of Der Kuss, op.128
Hess 149 Rastlöse Liebe (drafts)
Hess 150 Heidenröslein (drafts)
Hess 233 Counterpoint exercises for Haydn
Hess 234 Exercises in strict counterpoint for Albrechtsberger
Hess 235 Exercises in free counterpoint for Albrechstberger
Hess 236 Remainder of 2-voice fugues
Hess 237 Remainder of 3-voice fugues
Hess 238 Remainder of 4-voice fugues
Hess 239 1 of the 3 Chorale Fugues
Hess 240 2-voice exercises in Double counterpoint of the octave
Hess 241 Exercises in Double counterpoint of the octave and a third
Hess 242 Exercises in Double counterpoint of the octave and a fifth
Hess 243 Remainder of double fugues
Hess 245 Musical Joke for 3 voices, Sankt Petrus ist ein Fels
Hess 246 Double fugue on Kyrie eleison
Hess 298 Draft of Symphony Movement in C minor
Hess 299 Bester Magistrat
Hess 300 Canon Liebe mich, werter Weissenbach
Hess 301 Waehner, es ist kein Wahn
Hess 302 Canon, Uns geht es kannabalisch wohl als wie fünfhundert Säuen
Hess 304 Canon, Ich blase das Fagot
Hess 305 Canon Geschalgen ist der Feind
Hess 321 Little instrumental melody in B-flat
Hess 322 Gott allein ist unser Herr, er allein
Hess 323 Leb wohl, schöne Abendsonne
Hess 326 Fugue in C (sketch)
Hess 327 Two little melodies in A minor
Hess 329 Beginning of Tibi gratulor
Biamonti 15 Musical Joke, Der arme Componist