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There are two main ways to search this site: by catalog number, or by category. If you desire to search by catalog number, please go to the main Search page or the appropriate dropdown search. Otherwise, click a link below. When you reach the details page of the piece you want to hear, simply click on the download link; the soundfile should begin playing. If you want to download a soundfile, right-click on the download link and save the file where you want it to be saved.

If you don’t know the catalog number, or are just browsing for a piece, you can look up a piece by category, which is generally equivalent to the instrumentation. In making the breakdown, we have followed the classification in the Breitkopf & Haertel Gesamtausgabe, which describes general 24 classes of instrumentation. We have added a 25th category, “Counterpoint Studies and Fugues” which is an enormous body of material that has not really been touched since Gustav Nottebohm’s work with it in 1873. Please note that at present there are not MIDI files on this site for every class.

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