More Counterpoint Studies Live on the Site

We are pleased to present another large grouping of previously-unheard Beethoven, being the exercises in strict and free counterpoint that Beethoven wrote during his studies with Albrechtsberger in 1794 and 1795 after Haydn departed for England. Both Beethoven’s original compositions, and the versions with the corrections and alternatives presented by Albrechtsberger are included. We previously had available only the handful of these exercises that had been reprinted by Nottebohm and Seyfried in the 19th century; thanks to the efforts of the Beethovenhaus and G.Henle, we are able to provide you with the complete exercises for the first time.

Based on the models of Johann Fux and his Gradus ad Parnassum, they are key to understanding Beethoven’s fascination with the fugal form in later life. We have presented them with our newly-upgraded soundfiles, courtesy of our contributors, from Vienna Symphonic Library. Together, they form another half-hour of Unheard Beethoven, heard now by you, complete at last.

Check them out here:

Exercises in Strict Counterpoint, Hess 234
Exercises in Free Counterpoint, Hess 235