Fugue Fragments in D minor, Biamonti 250 (1800)

Fugue Fragments in D minor, Biamonti 250 (1800)
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Author: Mark S. Zimmer
Length: 3:02
Fugue Fragments in D minor, Biamonti 250 (1800) These extensive "fragments" are found on pages 60 through 62 of the Landsberg 7 sketchbook, used by Beethoven during 1800. The first section appears to begin on page 62, and seems to continue on page 60 and from there to page 61, which is a little odd but it was not uncommon for Beethoven to work on pages in a sketchbook out of order. The theme resembles that of the first draft of the song "Die Schwester der Schicksal", Biamonti 50. Although labeled by Professor Biamonti as fragments, these drafts are quite substantial and elaborate, with the first running over 55 bars, complete with complex harmonies, and the second features adventurous chromaticism over its nearly 80 measures. What Beethoven had in mind here is unclear. The preceding pages of the sketchbook are devoted to the piano sonata op. 26, while succeeding pages are taken up with The Creatures of Prometheus ballet. Although page 59, on the other side of page 60, contains sketches for opus 26, the D minor key signature makes this fugue highly unlikely for inclusion in that sonata. The first section is notable for an exciting interlude with pounding eighth notes, making it sound as if it could serve as a silent movie score. Beethoven, always anticipating the future?

Biamonti: 250

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