Fragment in B-flat, Biamonti 246 (1800)

Fragment in B-flat, Biamonti 246 (1800)
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Author: Mark S. Zimmer
Length: 0:12
Fragment in B-flat, Biamonti 246 (1800) This brief fragment of eight bars in 3/4 time is found on page 156 of the Landsberg 7 sketchbook. The balance of the page is devoted to sketches for The Creatures of Prometheus ballet, op. 43, no. 15, which is the "Solo di Vigano," most likely the final solo dance of Prometheus before the grand finale. Those sketches are also in B-flat, in 3/4 time, as is the finished Solo, so it is quite possible that this quotation is a musical idea for that movement that was rejected. No orchestration is indicated, however.

Opus: 43
Biamonti: 246

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