Minuet and Trio in A-flat Major, Biamonti 258 (1800)

Minuet and Trio in A-flat Major, Biamonti 258 (1800)
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Author: Mark S. Zimmer
Length: 1:44
Minuet and Trio in A-flat Major, Biamonti 258 (1800) Professor Biamonti in his catalogue identified Biamonti 258 only as a Trio to a Minuet. However, the sketch that appears on page 183 of the Landsberg 7 sketchbook, used by Beethoven in 1800, is actually for a minuet and two versions (one far less complete) of a trio for that minuet. The first section may well sound familiar: it is an early version of the Bagatelle, op. 33 nr. 7, though here it is designated as a "Menuet" by Beethoven. The second section is slightly incomplete, with the last few bars rather illegible due to Beethoven's ink failing. The sketch is presented here with the second (and more completely rendered) of the two versions of the Trio, with the traditional "da capo" added on to the end, although Beethoven does not so specify in the sketch. After the conclusion of the Menuet, the rather abortive first attempt at the Trio is included for comparison's sake.

Biamonti: 258

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