Finale in G, Biamonti 282

Finale in G, Biamonti 282
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Author: Mark S. Zimmer
Length: 0:39
Finale in G, Biamonti 282 (1793).

This rollicking 6/8 excerpt was described by Dr. Arnold Schmitz as probably belonging to a Finale; there is no such indication on the manuscript, however. There is a notation "D.C. und dann zum Ende;" we have interpreted this to mean a D.C. to the beginning of the piece, and at the first fermata to go to the remaining seven measures after this notation. With the addition of this jaunty ending at that spot, the piece appears to flow properly under this interpretation. This piece is on the same grouping of sketch leaves as Hess 60 and 61 and Biamonti 268-284, in the Beethovenhaus in Bonn.

Biamonti: 282

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