Macbeth Overture, Biamonti 454 completed by Willem

Macbeth Overture, Biamonti 454 completed by Willem
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Author: Willem
Length: 8:03
Overture to Macbeth, Fragment of Planned Opera, Biamonti 454
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Author: Mark S. Zimmer
Length: 0:08
Overture to Macbeth, based on Beethoven's sketches, Biamonti 454 (1810), completed by xickx.

This overture to the planned opera Macbeth is based on some clues which can be found in the sketches. Amongst the sketches for the overture (presented here in a separate MIDI), there are also sketches for the Largo from the "Ghost" Trio, op. 70 nr. 1. Xickx has here orchestrated part of that Largo to form the introduction, then picking up Beethoven's motifs from the sketches, extending them and making a new whole out of these fragments. We are interested in your comments on this experiment.

Giovanni Claudio Traversi and the Ensemble Accademia Ducale perform xickx's realization of the Overture here:

Biamonti: 454

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