Fragment, Biamonti 676 (1817)

Fragment, Biamonti 676 (1817)
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Author: Mark S. Zimmer
Length: 0:05
Fragment, Biamonti 676 (September 25,1817)

This little fragment is found in a letter (Anderson Nr. 821) from Beethoven to Frau Nanette Streicher, who was the daughter of a prominent piano manufacturer and helped Beethoven look after household affairs. In this letter, Beethoven discusses a variety of housekeeping arrangements such as shoe blacking and a loan of 25 gulden. In a postscript Beethoven writes, "We need a supply of dusters" succeeded by this figure. Anderson suggests that this may be a musical setting of the word 'Abwischfetzen,' which means duster.

Biamonti: 676

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