Steiner! Musical Joke, Biamonti 727 (1820)

Steiner! Musical Joke, Biamonti 727 (1820)
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Performer: Mark S. Zimmer
Length: 0:06
While visiting Vienna on a shopping and business trip from the country town of Mödling, on the afternoon of 28 June 1820, Beethoven has some free time at lunch or between errands and jots down this little musical joke about Vienna music publisher Sigmund Anton Steiner in Conversation Book 14, at leaf 65r. The lyrics are "Es sind nur Steine," repeated twice (They are only stones). Beethoven sometimes complained about how slow Steiner was to publish his works, so that may be referenced in this little joke.

Another premiere for The Unheard Beethoven! Not listed in Hess or the new Kinsky-Halm catalogues.

Biamonti: 727

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