Minuet in C Major, Biamonti 74 (mp3)

Minuet in C Major, Biamonti 74 (mp3)
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Performer: Willem
Length: 2:09
Minuet in C Major, Biamonti 74
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Author: Willem
Length: 2:08
Minuet in C for Piano, Biamonti 74 (early 1795). Unlike the Minuet Biamonti 66, this Minuet is regular in shape, Minuet and Trio each consisting of two phrases of 8 bars, with Da Capo. However, at the end of the first phrase Beethoven asks for the costumary repeat at 2/3 of the bar, while the very first bar is complete with 3 beats. Written this way it means that one beat is missing ! Willem gives an elegant solution for this problem.

This minuet is found among the sketches for the first version (Hess 14) of the Piano Concerto in B-flat op. 19. Since that concerto was first played publicly on March 29, 1795, this sketch is probably from early 1795 or possibly late 1794.

Biamonti: 74

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