Sketches for Allegretto for Piano, Biamonti 99 (1800-1802?)

Sketches for Allegretto for Piano, Biamonti 99 (1800-1802?)
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Author: Mark S. Zimmer
Length: 1:40
Draft for an Allegretto for Piano, Biamonti 99 and associated sketches (1800-1802?)

This draft is for an unknown work, apparently for piano, and is found on the lower half of the same page of sketchleaf SV 329 as Biamonti 98.

It begins in the key of A, in cut time, with a phrase of 8 bars, with a faint notation for this to be repeated. The word "souvent" (often) appears above, suggesting that Beethoven wanted it to be repeated more than just once. This is followed [at 0:25 of the midi] by a four-bar segment in A-flat, and at 0:35 another Allegretto in A, in 2/4 time, which continues in small fragments along the balance of the page, reassembled here into what appears to have been Beethoven's intent from various markings.

Two quarter-note modulation segments [at 0:49] in an unspecified key follows. Then, at 1:06, there is a "thema" in B-flat. A brief motive with an odd bassline [at 1:28] is marked "for the right hand" and "in A-dur (major)."

A very striking fragment of chromatic sixteenth triplets [1:35] is marked "prestissimo" and sounds like the famous "Flight of the Bumble Bee", which Rimsky-Korsakow would compose almost a century later. Finally [at 1:42], a single bar Allegro features some interesting harmonies in dramatic massive chords. A few missing accidentals have been supplied throughout.

Biamonti: 99

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