Minuet in D Minor, Gardi 10 (completion by Willem) (mp3)

Minuet in D Minor, Gardi 10 (completion by Willem) (mp3)
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Performer: Gerd Prengel
Length: 3:17
Minuet in D Minor, Gardi 10 (completion by Willem)
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Author: Willem
Length: 3:14
Minuet in D Minor, Gardi 10 (sketch)
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Author: Mark S. Zimmer
Length: 3:28
Minuet and Trio in D minor, Gardi 10 (1790-92)

The sketch for this intriguing and quite gloomy Minuet in D minor dates from about 1790 to 1792, during Beethoven's last years in Bonn, or possibly shortly after he moved to Vienna. The paper matches that of the setting of the Lamentations of Jeremiah (Gardi 03) that are known to date from those years. The Minuet is found on the third page of autograph 28, the "Fischhof Miscellany", a collection of sketches from before 1800 held by the Staatsbibliothek in Berlin, as transcribed by Douglas Johnson in his doctoral dissertation.

The piano sketch is fairly complete, missing the bass line in a few measures, but also almost the entire 2nd period of the Trio. The piece is presented here in the original piano sketch as well as the orchestral completion by Willem, who restricts himself to the technique of the early Beethoven and the orchestra employed at that period.

Gardi: 10

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