Orchestral Piece in E-flat, Gardi 15

Orchestral Piece in E-flat, Gardi 15
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Author: Mark S. Zimmer
Length: 0:39
Orchestral Piece in E-flat, Gardi 15 (1802)

This piece appears on the recto of folio 87 of the Kessler sketchbook, used in 1802. Beethoven was working on a Concertante in D for piano, violin and cello with orchestra, Gardi 8, which he abandoned unfinished. Amongst the sketches for the Concertante are a number of other projected orchestral works that feature solo instruments prominently. One of these is the present MIDI, which is a full score of some kind of large scale composition with large horn fanfares, a prominent bassoon part, and some wild discords that no doubt would have shocked 1802 Vienna...nearly as much as the Third Symphony would do the next year.

Gardi: 15

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