Finale to Act I, 1806 version of Leonore, Hess 110 nr. 12

Finale to Act I, 1806 version of Leonore, Hess 110 nr. 12
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Author: Willem
Length: 2:27
Pizarro's Aria "Auf euch nur will ich bauen", with Chorus, from the Act I Finale to the 1806 version of Leonore, Hess 110, Nr. 12 (1806).

Pizarro was more bloodthirsty in the earlier versions of Leonore than he was in the final version, Fidelio. The original 1805 version gave him a fairly lengthy aria, with a chorus of soldiers. This aria was cut down by over a third for the 1806 version of the opera, and it was eliminated completely in the final version of Fidelio. Presented here is the 1806 version of the Act I finale.

Auf euch nur will ich bauen,
Seyd streng auf eurer Hut,
Rechtfertigt mein Vertrauen,
Sonst fuerchtet meine Wuth.
Jetzt eilet auf die Zinnen,
Besetzt rings den Thurm!
Bald wird sein Blut verrinnen,
Bald kruemmet sich der Wurm.

Fest koennt ihr auf uns bauen,
Und floess auch unser Blut!
Uns ziemet das vertrauen,
Wir sind voll Treu, und Muth.

English translation:
I will entirely rely on you,
Be strict in your lookout!
Justify my trust,
Or fear my rage!
Now hasten to the battlements,
Take your posts around the tower!
Soon his blood will flow,
Soon the worm will writhe!

You can firmly rely on us
Even were our blood to flow.
And your trust is fitting;
We are filled with loyalty and courage.

(Trans. Susan Marie Praeder)

Hess: 110

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