Der Kuss op. 128 first version (fragment), Hess 147 (mp3)

Der Kuss op. 128 first version (fragment), Hess 147 (mp3)
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Performer: Mark S. Zimmer
Length: 1:07
Der Kuss, earlier version of op. 128 (fragment), Hess 147
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Author: Mark S. Zimmer
Length: 1:02
Der Kuss op. 128, early version, Hess 147 (1798?)

This draft is only a fragment from the middle of the song, being what appears to be the second of three pages. While similar in many respects, it is quite different in others. It begins at measure 23 of the song as it is generally known, and is more or less identical through measure 33 of op. 128. Instead of repeating the phrase "trotz ihrer Gegenwehr," this draft uses the phrase only once, and provides it with a somewhat more intense setting. The draft then resumes with bar 40 of the op. 128 song and continues on to bar 50 before abruptly halting, apparently due to the loss of a page. This version of the song has never been published or recorded and is yet another world premiere for the Unheard Beethoven.

Following are the lyrics from the poem by C.F. Weisse that are present on this fragment:

es sei vergebne Mueh, vergebne Mueh,
es sei vergebne, vergebne Mueh.

Ich wagt'es doch, und kuesste sie,
und kuesste sie, trotz ihrer Gegenwehr.

Und schrie sie nicht?

Ja wohl, sie schrie, sie schrie......
doch, doch, doch lange hinter [her].


that it was lost labor, lost labor,
that it was lost labor, lost labor.

I risked it anyway and kissed her,
and kissed her in spite of her resistance.

And didn't she scream?

Oh yes, she screamed, she screamed......
but, but, but much later.

Opus: 128
Hess: 147

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