4 Part Fugue in A minor, Hess 238 nr.6 (edited by Seyfried) (mp3)

4 Part Fugue in A minor, Hess 238 nr.6 (edited by Seyfried) (mp3)
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Performer: Willem
Length: 2:03
4 Part Fugue in A minor, Hess 238 nr. 6 (edited by Seyfried)
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Author: Willem
Length: 1:59
4 part simple fugue in A minor, Hess 238 nr.6.

Composed by Beethoven about 1794-95, based on theme nr.28 from Albrechtsberger´s list, the current version of this fugue can be found in Seyfried´s ´Beethovens Studien im Generalbass´, p.188.

Ignaz Xaver, Ritter von Seyfried (1776-1841) had been, like Beethoven, a pupil of Albrechtsberger. After Beethoven's death he published a rather garbled and inaccurate account of Beethoven's studies in theory (Beethovens Studien im Generalbass, 1832) which however includes counterpoint exercises and fugues by Beethoven, not published anywhere else. Unfortunately, Seyfried had no qualms in ´improving´ upon Beethoven, therefore he should be considered a highly unreliable source. Rediscovering and/or reconstructing what Beethoven actually wrote for this fugue is work still to be done.

Here recorded for violin, harpsichord, harp and trombone.

Hess: 238

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