Double Fugue in C Major, Hess 243 nr.1 (mp3)

Double Fugue in C Major, Hess 243 nr.1 (mp3)
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Performer: Willem
Length: 1:24
Double Fugue in C Major, Hess 243 Nr. 1
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Author: Willem
Length: 1:20
4 part double fugue in C major, Hess 243 nr.1

No.1 from Nottebohm's chapter XI, p.152. First theme is nr.1 from Albrechtsberger's list, the other theme is probably Beethoven's invention. Nottebohm notes a shortcoming: Beethoven limits the use of parallel voices by coupling the soprano only to the tenor, and the alto only to the bass. Applying Freudian analysis in the same way Maynard Solomon does, shouldn't we conclude from this that Beethoven disapproved of adultery? Here scored for flute, english horn, clarinet & bassoon. Dates from about 1794-95.

Hess: 243

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