Piece in D, Hess 325 (mp3)

Piece in D, Hess 325 (mp3)
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Performer: Willem
Length: 0:24
Piece in D, Hess 325
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Author: Willem
Length: 0:21
Piece in D major, Hess 325 (1802/03).

This piece can be found in the Wielhorsky sketchbook.

Here Beethoven is experimenting with the augmented triad, and this is yet another example of Beethoven sometimes being more adventurous in his sketches than in his finished works. Of course the augmented triad already occurs in the finale of the first act of Mozart's Don Giovanni (at the words 'Trema o scellerato!'), so the chord itself was not new to Beethoven. Interesting is the way Beethoven handles the chord here: it is given great independence by being maintained 4 bars the first time, and even 6 bars the second time. This creates not just ambivalence as to whether the key is D major or B minor (D major is established only at the last moment) it also anticipates Debussy's soundworld.

Hess: 325

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