March in C minor, Hess 330

March in C minor, Hess 330
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Author: Willem
Length: 1:36
March in C minor, Hess 330 (1804)

This incomplete little march for piano, containing some odd and intriguing harmonies, is found near the end of the Landsberg 6 sketchbook, among early sketches for the first act of Leonore. Intriguingly, directly beneath this march are the first sketches for the Scherzo of the Fifth symphony. The sketchbook is held by the Biblioteca Jagielonica in Krakow, Poland. This march has never before been published or recorded.

Willem reads Beethoven's sketch (p.155 of the Eroica sketchbook) as two attempts at the same piece; the second time he stops at the same point as the first time. Both attempts have the same structure: a phrase of 4 bars followed by an incomplete one of 6 bars. In the second attempt he tries out an alternative for the first four bars. The second phrase is almost identical in both attempts, only he uses different inversions for the chords. Comparing the two versions gives a pretty clear idea of the intended harmonies. Presented here are the two sketches, with a short break between the two, followed by the completion by Willem. Willem says: For my completion I've used Beethoven's first attempt for the first four bars, because it seems to be more effective. I've extended it to a full sentence of 8 bars, by repeating the four bars. I have added 4 bars to the second phrase, in order to complete it. Then the second phrase is repeated in its entirety.

Hess: 330

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