Piano Sonata 'Nr. 15' in C, Hess 52 (1801?)

Piano Sonata 'Nr. 15' in C, Hess 52 (1801?)
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Author: Mark S. Zimmer
Length: 0:06
Piano Sonata "Nr. 15", Hess 52 (1801?)

This mysterious piece is known to exist only from a mention in Graeffer's catalog of Beethoven's works, as being published by Mollo in Vienna. Thayer reproduced the incipt from Graeffer in his listing as Nr. 286 in his thematic catalog. The fragment is in common time, in the key of C. The dating of 1801 is conjectural, since among the 32 canonical sonatas the 14th and 15th sonatas were both completed in that year. No conjecture can be made as to its authenticity, though if genuine it was most likely a juvenile work that Beethoven did not see fit to give an opus number.

Hess: 52

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